Airports, Ports and Marinas

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Zagreb Airport

Enjoy a smooth, comfortable journey as we connect you to the heart of Croatia or your next adventure, ensuring your trip begins and ends on a high note

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Zadar Airport

Dive into the charm of Zadar or venture to the stunning Adriatic coast with ease, as we ensure your travel experience is smooth and memorable from the moment you arrive.

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Split Airport

Let us be your bridge to Split's ancient streets or the crystal-clear shores beyond, ensuring a seamless transition from air to the extraordinary experiences that await.

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Dubrovnik Airport

Journey into the heart of Dubrovnik or explore its stunning surroundings with ease, as we ensure your arrival and departure are as breathtaking as the city itself.

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Ports and Marinas

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Zadar Passenger Ferry Port - Old Town

Whether you're embarking on a maritime adventure or returning from the islands, we provide a seamless connection to Zadar and beyond, ensuring your journey is as delightful as the destination.

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Zadar Cruise and Car Ferry Port - Gaženica

We're here to ensure your transition from sea to land is effortless and enjoyable, connecting you to Zadar's historic wonders or your next Croatian exploration with unparalleled ease and comfort.

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Marina Borik - Zadar

As you dock or depart from this picturesque marina, let us enhance your experience by providing a smooth transition to your next destination, be it the ancient streets of Zadar or the serene beauty of the Croatian coast.

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Marina Tankerkomerc - Zadar

Whether you're setting sail or stepping ashore, we ensure a seamless link between your nautical journey and the enchanting city of Zadar, making your travel experience as memorable as the destinations themselves.

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Marina Sukošan

Nestled just south of Zadar, this gateway marina is your starting point for adventures on the Adriatic Sea or the charming towns of Croatia, with EasyGo ensuring every transition is as smooth as the calm waters of the coast.

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Marina Frapa

Marina Frapa serves as a luxurious base for sailors and visitors alike. With EasyGo, you'll enjoy effortless access to and from this exquisite marina, ensuring your journey to the heart of the Adriatic is as seamless and enjoyable as the sea breeze.

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Split Ferry Port

As the hub of maritime travel in Split, this port is your gateway to the islands and beyond. With EasyGo, embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that your transition from sea to land and back will be smooth, swift, and stress-free.

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Marina Zaton

Marina Zaton, nestled in a picturesque bay near Šibenik, Croatia, offers a tranquil retreat for sailors and visitors alike, blending modern facilities with the unspoiled beauty of the Adriatic coast.

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Marina Baotić

Marina Baotić in Seget Donji, Croatia, is a premier yachting destination offering top-notch services amidst the stunning beauty of the Adriatic Sea, making it a perfect haven for sea enthusiasts and luxury travelers.

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Marina Šimuni

Marina Šimuni, located on the beautiful island of Pag, Croatia, offers a serene getaway with its crystal-clear waters and top-notch amenities, making it a favorite among boaters seeking the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern convenience.

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